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In September 2017, the Friends set a long-term goal of saving for a bigger and better bookmobile. The current bookmobile has served Merced County very well (download a fact sheet about its first 5 years), but it has no interior space for computer use, story time, and other important library functions. The Friends’ long-term goal was to save for a bookmobile that could be a full-service branch library for the remote areas and for the young children and seniors who depend on it.

In May 2019, the current bookmobile developed a severe problem. The generator that runs the wifi, air conditioning, and lights broke. It is fine on cool days, but it overheats and stops working in the sweltering heat that Merced County experiences all the time. The generator cannot be repaired nor replaced. At present, the solution is to cut the bookmobile’s summer hours in half and hope for cool days the rest of the time. The real solution is to get a new bookmobile!

When the Friends found out about the problem with the current bookmobile’s generator, they decided to launch a higher-visibility fundraising campaign for their long-term goal, accepting donations earmarked specifically for a new bookmobile. To make a bookmobile donation, please download this form, and fill in the information requested. Make your check out to Friends of the Merced County Library. Please send the completed form and your check to:

Friends of the Merced County Library
P. O. Box 2463
Merced, CA 95344-0463


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